The Greatest Job in the World

I sit at the computer in my corner while the room around me is buzzing with activity. Phones are ringing. Keyboards are clicking. Deadlines are approaching. The newsroom is my world.

My phone rings. My wife is on the other end. There’s no time to talk.

I am a producer. A lot is expected of me.

I continue the routine. Writing. Rewriting. Approving. I check the time. It’s 5:26. Showtime.

I walk to the control room. The live-cam operators are standing by. Mic checks are good. The anchor is cued. We’re on the air.

It all plays out before my eyes. Silently I pray that everything goes as planned. A reporters mic drops. I cue the anchor to take over. The show rolls on.

I arrive home. I open the door and activity is buzzing all around me. The house is a mess. My wife is making dinner. This is their world.

My little girl comes running, excitedly screaming “Daddy!”

I am a father. A lot is expected of me.

I start the routine. We hug. We play. We pick up toys. We eat. I check the time. It’s 7:56. Bedtime.

We brush teeth and grab a book.

There is no time to talk.

Silently I pray that all goes as planned. My wife takes over as I return to work. Life Goes On.

Of all the titles one could obtain, I can think of none greater than “Dad.” The daily grind is a joyful burden to bear. It’s not always easy, but I am honored to do it. Being a father is worth more than all the money in the world.


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