A Father’s Prayer

I smile and give you a hug.

“Be good”, I say. “I’ll see you soon.”

I turn around and walk back into the house, when everything inside me doesn’t want to let you go.

I stand at the door and watch you drive away.

Silently I pray that somehow, all the feelings I want to communicate to you, feelings you are too young to understand, will be carried on the wind, and penetrate the core of your innocent, tender heart like a beacon of light in a raging storm.

My children, if only you knew how special you are to me.

When you’re here, I work so hard to show you how much I love you. I don’t know if that message always comes across, but I do the best I can.

I think about you everyday. I glance at your smiling faces before I leave for work. I place your picture in the front pocket of my coat right next to my heart. You’re with me everywhere I go.

There’s no way for you to comprehend the heartache your absence causes. You’ll never see the tears shed when you’re not here. You’ll never hear the prayers offered on your behalf. You’ll never know the joy I feel at your return, until you have children of your own.

Letting you go is one of the ways I express my love to you. I pray that one day you will understand why.

If there is any supernatural power in the love between a father and his children, then I ask God to bless me to harness that power to give me authority to bless you.

With that authority, I bestow upon you the knowledge of divine love. You are more precious than you know. You are important to me and to your mother. Your life is a ray of light and goodness to your family.

I bless you that your life will be happy, that you will be shielded from the sorrow of a broken marriage. I bless you that your relationships with family members will blossom and make your lives rich and full.

I bless you that you will never be alone, that God will walk with you on your journey, that even angels will attend you in the quiet moments.

Always remember your dad loves you.

A Father’s job is to provide and protect his children. When I can’t be with you, I place your care and protection in the hands of God.

My children, in every life a little rain must fall. But the Lord will compensate you for enduring it well. Know this-all that is unfair about life will be made right.

This is my prayer for you. I offer it with faith that he will deliver.




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