5 Important Principles for Fathers and their Children

It’s been a spiritually significant weekend for me. Me and millions of other members of my faith just finished two fulfilling days of gospel instruction. We were taught and instructed by leaders of our church.

I approached the weekend prayerfully and received specific answers that pertain to my role as a father and mentor to my children. Here are some important themes that are applicable to all fathers, regardless of religious background or beliefs.

  • God has a plan for you and your family. He loves you and wants you to be happy, whatever your circumstances. Your role in that plan is unique and irreplaceable. As you seek to understand his will, he will teach you about your eternal identity and purpose.


  • Overcome the world. There are many things in this life that distract us from the things that truly matter most. Sometimes we are distracted and lose our focus. Only by focusing on the things of lasting value can we move forward and progress toward our eternal destination.


  • Serve Others. As we develop charity, we are in a better position to unify our family. Fathers can bless the lives of their children in a way that mothers cannot. A major part of a father’s role is to prepare their children to receive the blessings God has in store for them. When we accept the call to serve, we are showing our willingness to be directed by God in our efforts. Our efforts are not about us, our ego, or the praise of others, but about becoming a man of God. Whether your position in the world is small or great, your efforts as a father are not small or insignificant. Your experiences in the service of God are intended to build you as much as those that you serve. Through these experiences, you will come to see others as God sees them.


  • Faith Creates Miracles. It is the simple, deliberate acts of belief that strengthen us in the complex challenges of life. Allow your children to see your faith in Jesus Christ-Pray with them, Read scripture with them, attend church with them, etc. and teach them about God and his love for them. Teach them to believe his word and trust in him. God knows you and what your future holds. Be not afraid, only believe.


  • Stay Close to God. By following God, you show God that you love him. By loving him, you become more like him. As your children strive to do God’s will in their own life, they will also grow closer to him. God blesses those who love him.




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