Building Love Muscles

My life is put on hold when they are here. All my time and attention is for them.

I carried Ryker, my little boy, the entire length of the parade, just like I do everywhere else. He wants to be in my arms, so I oblige him. If I don’t, he cries longingly “Daddy” How can I resist? People ask, knowingly, if I am tired. I respond in the affirmative, but think to myself My love muscle is my strongest.

Suddenly there is a new purpose to my daily workout routine: maximize the strength of my Ryker lifts.

Admittedly, when they are here, I feel ashamed of my body and low on energy. A body so used to structured daily exercise and proper nutrition craves some TLC.

My thought process is usually interrupted by my little bug, Mandy, who requests for the 75th time in one day, for me to swing her. Wanting to make every moment count, I agree. I swing her, pushing myself as far as I think I can go, when I hear her loving words: “This is the best day ever, daddy.”

These experiences are what make it all worth it.

When I hear other men complain sarcastically that they have to spend time with their kids, it makes me sad. They have no idea how lucky they are.

I will work and earn and save to give my kids all the comforts of home, but when they are here, my time and attention, my love, my life, everything I am, is all for them.

Carefree Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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