Learning to Do Hard Things

Today, it was Mandy’s turn to give a talk in Primary, a Sunday School Class for Kids. The leaders of the class gave her a choice of 4 different topics. It was my special privilege, as her father, to help her write it and deliver it. I prayed this morning to know how to help. This is the message I helped her deliver today.

Photo Credit: Lds.org

This is a picture of Nephi and his family on a boat. God commanded Nephi to build a boat to get to the promised land. Nephi didn’t know how to build a boat, but he knew God would show him how. It was sketchy to build it, but God blessed them and kept them safe.

Yesterday, I went on a hike with my daddy. It was sketchy. I got scared. My dad told me to hold his hand and that he would keep me safe. I love my Daddy.

I know that when life is hard and I am sad, if I pray, God will bless me and help me.


I stood right by her side at the pulpit. I felt like she was grateful to have me there. When the child giving the talk is only 3, it’s really the parent who delivers the talk. I encouraged her to say the words. I was in her shoes once. I know how it feels to be nervous to stand in front of everybody to speak. Even though I said them instead of her, I hope she knew in her heart that her dad always has her back. I hope she remembers that when she has to do hard things, there is a Savior who will step in so she doesn’t have to bear her burdens alone.

The story of Nephi is contained in the Book of Mormon. We enjoy watching an animated version of this story on Youtube together.

The word “sketchy” is a word she really uses. She is also learning how to pray. These elements were her contribution. I love watching her faith grow. I am so grateful to have a role in shaping her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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