3 Life-Changing Principles Every Divorced Father Should Know

Out of great tragedy, comes great purpose.

After Alma the Younger was “racked with torment” for the space of three days and three nights for seeking to destroy the church of God, he cried within his heart to Jesus for mercy. The joy that followed was as exceeding as was his pain.

“From that time even until now,” he said, “I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste.”

A 10-month separation from my wife is finally over. The divorce was finalized this past week. Once again, I find myself the single traveler on my journey as I attempt to redefine & rebuild. Though the outcome is not ideal, my time and relationship with my kids is protected.

My journey into an unknown future begins with a hopeful thought–A miracle is nothing more than a change of perspective. Let me illustrate with an example.

I have arranged my employment schedule to accomodate the visitation schedule with my kids. I get them for 4 days every other week. How many fathers spend 8 solid days with their kids every month? I don’t know any fathers who are still married who spend that much time with their kids. What a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with my kids, & even become a better father than I was before.

It’s rare for anyone to get a second chance in life. As I regroup and begin again, I am asking myself What do I owe my 10-year-old self? Stephen Force, host of the podcast “Airspeed,” answered this question by saying he wanted to be an astronaut. For some reason, he pursued a law degree in college. After reevaluating, he got in touch with his inner child. Childhood dreams came in contact with practical reality when he leveled the playing field. He became a commercial pilot and aviation attorney.

I have yet to discover my specific answer to this question, but I have learned there is a close connection between my purpose and my inner child.






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