Santa Claus IS Real

It is Christmas night, and the house is quiet for the first time today.

Santa Claus was here. The house was full of gifts.

The Christmas spirit was alive and well, but it wasn’t complete.

Circumstances prevented you from being here today, and that leaves a hole that cannot be filled on Christmas day.

I’m sitting here alone, thinking of you.

I wish you were here with me.

Santa Claus came just before Christmas to tell me he sure thinks you’re special.

I didn’t speak to him, in fact I never actually saw him, but I know he was here.

I came home from work just 5 days before Christmas. I heard a knock on the front door.

I turned on the light and opened the door. Off in the distance, I heard car doors closing. I thought I heard the sound of children laughing as they drove away. On the porch in front of me was a giant cardboard box.

I brought it inside and opened it up. At least a dozen gifts were in there, all of them with your names on them. The only indicator of the giver was the tags, which read “Santa’s helpers.”

Yes, Santa Claus was here little bug. His elves came bearing gifts for you so that you could experience the full measure of the Christmas spirit.

They’re waiting for you under the tree.

The magic is real. I witnessed it for myself.

Even though you couldn’t experience the magic with me, I am glad that, because of Santa, I get to experience a double portion of Christmas cheer this year.

When Christmas is over and done for everyone else, Santa’s magic will linger here.

I pray that you too, will know of the magic as we unwrap the gifts together.

Merry Christmas, Mandy and Ryker. I love you.


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